• Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Development of sites on the Django framework

Django framework

Choosing the proper framework is a rather complicated process because the quality of the finished resource will depend on it. Django is the most popular framework built in Python. This program allows you to create the most functional and reliable platforms. This system takes care of most of the development problems, allowing you to minimize the cost of building a project. Today we want to tell you about Django website examples, their characteristics, and why you should use this framework.

What is Django?

Platforms built with Django are designed with multiple applications: alienable and pluggable. It is the main feature that distinguishes it from other similar programs.

The following principles apply in the Django system:

  1. Don’t repeat yourself principle – there are no repetitions, which minimizes data duplication;
  2. The principle of programming, in which all bases are associated with programming languages, creates cloud information storage.

The Django framework helps to create programs for platforms that the following values will characterize.

Required volume

The system’s principle is built, so developers have everything they need to create a quality product. There is a sufficient database and tools that allow Django to function smoothly as a single organism.


This framework can be used to create almost all models of sites and applications, which function with other areas, providing data in any format. And also, this system can increase from the inside by alien sectors.

The high degree of reliability

Django is structured to avoid many classic mistakes in the project creation process. It prevents your site or application from being vulnerable to external negative attacks.

Ability to scale

In this system, when building, such an architecture is used that allows any link in the program to be independent. It means that it is possible to easily and quickly replace links or subject them to adjustment, that is, change the scale of the program. It is crucial for sites that constantly jump user load. The platform will automatically adjust to online traffic.

Convenient for maintenance

A design type was used to create maintainable and reusable code when the code was created. This method does not allow you to duplicate the excess, which significantly reduces the amount of regulation itself. Moreover, this program can group related codes into modules.

Don’t stationary

Since the system is built using the Python programming language, you will not be attached to any of the server platforms. It makes accessing the site or application possible using various systems: Linux, Windows, etc.

In addition, the program is easily supported by different hosts that provide rules for hosting websites and applications.

Thus, the Django program is a very effective tool for creating quality platforms. By applying it, you can get a multifunctional website or application that will work smoothly, despite the sharp fluctuations in traffic in one direction or another.

Websites built with Django

It is necessary to use equivalent links: authorization methods, user panels, and file sharing. And since the functions are identical, they can be made simpler, minimizing the cost of creating a platform.

Below we will look at some sites that have decided to use this framework, increasing the functionality.


The most popular video platform has been forced to use this system. The moment came when YouTube dramatically increased the number of users, meaning the load on the site grew. And Django allowed us to improve the functionality and expand the possibilities.


It is one of the most popular sites handling much data. Also, online communication with users is maintained. Due to the sharp increase in users, there were problems with the continuous operation of the platform. Everything was settled as soon as the Django system was applied.


The largest social platform where users provide links to various information. There is also a forum that allows you to discuss the news and leave your comment. This system was able to create such opportunities.


This site lets you listen to music files for free and send them to other users. And also have access to your storage of music content from any device.

Bit Bucket

This cloud storage seemed attractive to many millions of developers. This hosting is one of the busiest apps. This storage can withstand all this load only because it was created using this framework.


It is one of the most popular platforms where users can follow other users and provide them with their boards.


A well-known browser that accepts applications from millions of users every month. Naturally, all this massive amount of information allows you to process only cooperation with Django.

Yahoo Maps

This platform provides various maps and routes that help you navigate your chosen area more efficiently – the site will show you the most optimal way from one point to another. In Europe, this platform is in great demand and popularity. All these maps are highly accurate.


This platform provides the management of comments on its site and regulates user activity. Thanks to the framework, this platform could scale when the number of users increased.

In this way, Django gives impetus to the development of platforms, making them feature-rich, scalable, and able to withstand enormous loads.

Development assistance from the SECL group

SECL group will help you develop a website or application, which can take on an individual project discovery phase or a complete development cycle. This team has the practical experience and qualified specialists.

If you need a quality product that will function uninterrupted despite sudden changes in load, then SECL group will provide it.

At the end of the creation of the platform, it will go through several stages of testing, which will allow us to detect flaws in the program if any.

This team has already implemented projects for companies such as:

  • Kia Motors – car manufacturing;
  • PepsiCo – drinks production,
  • Danone – food products;
  • Recipe Plus – pharmaceuticals and many other large companies.

If you use Django, your project will be high-quality, feature-rich, and workable around the clock.